Election campaign

Leaders’ campaign visits: the totals so far

The election campaign is now two weeks old. How are the main party leaders getting on in clocking up visits to key constituencies and marginals?

David Cameron has ticked off the most number, calling in on 22 seats so far:


It’s a bit of an odd mix of marginals and ultra-safe seats, and it’s telling that to date he’s only been to two of the Tories’ Labour targets. His itinerary has been more shaped by defence than attack.

By contrast, Nick Clegg’s travel plans seem to have been organised almost entirely around defence:


As I mentioned last week, that one foray into a Labour seat was a mistake; Clegg and co thought they were in Hazel Grove, the constituency next door, and had to go back again a couple of days later.

Ed Miliband hasn’t been to a single Liberal Democrat seat so far. Either he thinks all those particular targets are sewn up, or we’ve a dozen visits to Lib Dem territory still to come.


Note also that he’s been to very few Labour marginals.

Nigel Farage meanwhile has stuck to the east coast and the West Midlands. I’m not sure Ukip will win any of these six seats, but maybe the likes of Douglas Carswell in Clacton and Mark Reckless in Rochester & Strood don’t want their leader swinging by to help out:


Seven seats have been graced with visits from more than one leader: Chippenham, Cornwall North, Dorset Mid & Poole North, Edinburgh East, Kingswood, Oxford West & Abingdon and Sherwood. I’m sure this number will be in double figures by this time next week.


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