Election campaign

Why the Tories can’t leave the north alone

It should come as no surprise to see David Cameron and George Osborne back in the north of England today. This is why:

Tory targets in northern England

The Tories are eyeing a total of 28 seats across the region. Even if they manage to pick up only half of these, a similar number of gains in the south-west – the party’s other main battleground – would see the Tories well on the way towards forming a majority government.

But northern England is also an area of great vulnerability for the party:

Tory marginals in northern England

As much as the region could be the making of the Tories’ election chances, it could also be their breaking. A majority of these marginal seats are Labour targets. Expect to see David Cameron back in this part of the country many more times before polling day – and to hear that excruciating bit of┬ájargon “northern powerhouse” unleashed at every opportunity.


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