An introduction

Welcome to a countdown to the 2015 general election

12 months from now, the UK will go to the polls in what will be one of the most exciting contests in recent history.

Yes, I know they say that every time.

But yes: it is always true.

For elections are always one of the most exciting things in recent history. Even the ones where the result has been a long foregone conclusion – 1997, 1983 and 1966, to name but three – still get the pulse racing.

Why?Because they are always events of enormous human drama, of unexpected twists, of remarkable comebacks, of implausible setbacks, of statistical wizardry, of dazzling spectacle, and – if you’re lucky – a dash of hope.

What’s not to like about that particular cocktail of sensations?

This site will chronicle the build-up to the 2015 general election with daily updates focusing mostly, but not exclusively, on:

  • poll trends: what might be going on behind the daily fluctuations in party support, and what longer-term patterns can be detected
  • actual results: from local and parliamentary by-elections, the council and EU elections, the Scottish referendum, and any other contests that take place between now and next May
  • key seats and candidates: where the 2015 election will be fought, won and lost, and by whom
  • TV and radio: how the broadcast media are planning for polling day, and how they’ve fared in previous elections

Plus any other quirky or intriguing developments along the way – of which there are always a handful, sometimes bizarre, but sometimes more significant than they seem.

Tomorrow I’ll kick thing off with that most courageous* of statements: a prediction of the result.

For now, here’s six-and-a-half minutes of some of the most exciting television broadcast this century.

Thanks for reading this far. I hope you enjoy what’s to come.

*That’s “courageous” in the Yes, Minister sense, i.e. totally foolhardy


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