Opinion polls

Final polls

Over the next 24 hours we should see at least 11 opinion polls published.

I had thought that today’s poll from Lord Ashcroft would be the last we’d hear from him before the election, but it turns out he’s releasing one more on Thursday morning.

His poll today puts the Tories on 32% (-4) and Labour on 30% (no change). The Lib Dems are on 11% (+2), Ukip on 12% (+1) and the Greens on 5% (nc).

Still to come should be at least one poll from each of the following companies:

  • ICM
  • Survation
  • Panelbase
  • Populus
  • Opinium
  • BMG
  • TNS
  • ComRes
  • Ipsos-Mori
  • YouGov

A total of 81 polls have been published so far during this campaign. 30 have put the Tories in front; 37 have put Labour ahead.

At the start of the campaign, the Tories had a 0.2 point lead over Labour in the seven-day poll of polls.

As of today, the Tories’ lead over Labour in the poll of polls is… 0.2 points.


One response to “Final polls

  1. So, in short: never in the history British politics has there been so much discussion/analysis of nothing happening.

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